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33 YEARS!!!
ACL & SAL Historical Society         1983-2016

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PAGE UPDATED ... May 30, 2016

KADEE SEABOARD 'GREEN HORNETS' ARE COMING TO OUR COMPANY STORE IN HO SCALE.    Cars are expected to be available for shipment in July 2016. You will be able to purchase single cars for $39 each plus shipping, or a triple pack for $105 plus shipping. They come in 3 numbers -- #15292, and two numbers EXCLUSIVE to the ACL & SAL HS - #15215 and #15262.    Sales will begin in mid-June.

Protoytpe Photo

SEABOARD-COAST LINE MODELER :: NEWEST ISSUE #26 - SPRING 2016 -- NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD!!!!    Grab your FREE copy by going to our menu bar and selecting the S-CL Modeler link.     You can always buy back issues # 1-20 of S-CL Modeler by ordering the convenient CD - see information in the Catalog. and download Seaboard - Coast Line Modeler Issue 26


1st QUARTER ISSUE OF LINES SOUTH 2016 -- IS BEING MAILED TO MEMBERS.     Please be on the lookout for this issue coming soon to your mailbox.

OUR CATALOG HAS BEEN UPDATED.     Click the following link to open a .pdf with the latest product catalog and price list. - CLICK HERE - Take a peek at some of our newer items.

Two New DVDs: Florida Passenger Action Now in our catalog – two new popular DVDs from HerronRail documenting Florida’s rich passenger train history in full color. Volume 1 of “Classic Florida Rails” covers 1940s-70s action, including ACL-SAL-SCL plus FEC and early Amtrak – with RB&B circus train footage as a bonus. Volume 2 has more SCL passenger action 1968-74, both A Line and S Line, plus freight and Amtrak, and a Seaboard training film for passenger train crews. Both are professionally narrated by Danny Harmon. Orders yours now for just $35 each, catalog DVD-16 for Vol. 1 and DVD-17 for Vol. 2.

Our 2016 Calendar is available.

Our 2016 Calendar - Click to enlarge

Proceed to the CALENDAR PAGE for full details!   


!! Florida East Coast Railway in Color, by Bill McBride, Morning Sun 2015.     This new volume from is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.    It chronicles this very popular and very independent railroad from its transition from steam to diesel up until its present-day, much-heralded return to its heritage Champion paint.    The FEC once carried ACL passenger trains to Miami.     Don’t miss this one, discounted at just $55 plus shipping – our catalog #BK-83.

!! Carolinas Short Lines in Color, Vol. 1, by Gary R. Carlson, Morning Sun 2015.     Full-color coverage of the traditional shortlines of North and South Carolina, 1950-80.     Includes the A&R, Alexander, A&EC, A&W, B&M, Blue Ridge, BU-C, Camp Lejeune, Cape Fear, C&NW, CS, CW, Cliffside, CN&L, D&S, EC, E&M, and Graham County; many were ACL and SAL connections.     Our discount price is just $55 plus shipping, catalog #BK-81.

!! Service with Courtesy: The Story of the Durham & Southern Railway, by Cary F. Poole, Tarheel Press 2015.     The D&S was a short but prosperous North Carolina line that ran from Durham south to Apex, Fuquay-Varina, Angier, Erwin, and Dunn, and connected with both the ACL and Seaboard.     The book documents the D&S from its formation in 1891 to its merger into the SCL in 1976.     Softcover, just $23.00 plus shipping, our catalog #BK-84.

!! Atlantic Coast Line - In Color, by William G. McClure III. This latest volume on our railroads from Morning Sun features numerous ACL action and diesel roster shots all over the system, many in ACL’s famous purple colors. It also has some very rare ACL steam color shots, a section on cabooses, many colorful ads and brochures, and more. Discounted at just $55 plus shipping – our catalog BK-80.

!! Norfolk Southern Color Pictorial 1950s-1970s, by Dalton P. "Billy" McDonald. A great all-color companion to McDonald’s 2007 black & white book (written with Bill Reisweber) on the NS, an important connection for the ACL and Seaboard that served central and eastern North Carolina until merged in the Southern Railway in 1974. Our price is just $51.00 plus shipping, our catalog #BK-82.
BK-83 -- FEC In Color
BK-80 -- Atlantic Coast Line - in Color
BK-84 -- Service with Courtesty, the Story of the Durham & Southern
BK-81 -- Carolina Shortlines In Color, Volume 1
BK-82 -- Norfolk Southern Color Pictorial


FIRST - SEABOARD AIR LINE MAGOR "BIG JOHN" HOPPERS by Exact Rail.    Yep, we got 'em.    $ 46 for members, $ 49 for non members.    This is the new SAL version of ExactRail's top quality Big John offering.    Order by numbers by car number: M-65 is SAL #35002 / M-66 is SAL #35007 / M-67 is SAL #35010 / M-68 is SAL #35018 / M-69 is SAL #35021 / M-70 is SAL #35024.    SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED - so First Come, First Serve.    We will make this available for as long as supplies last.    The ACL & SAL Historical Society is excited to part of this fine modeling project and thank the nice folks at ExactRail for not only the fine models they produce, but this opportunity to extend a little something extra to our loyal members.    If you haven't seen these yet, surf on over to ExactRail and give them a look.

Next, as long as we are SEABOARD models, please check out SEABOARD SHOPS for unique and interesting versions of cars you won't find anywhere else. These are not available through the Society, but you can purchase them direct from Shapeways / Seaboard Shops through their site.

The SOCIETY is now on FACEBOOK. . To access it from your computer, follow this link -- ACL&SAL HS FACEBOOK PAGE --     Not a member of Facebook, click the Facebook icon in this news item and join up.    OR you can download and isntall the APP on your Android or Iphone, or tablet.

NOTE !!!      One of the new items we had available at the National Train Show last year wasLINES SOUTH, The White River Years (1999-2012) on DVD     If you are unable to attend but wish to order, the DVD will be available for general shipping mid-July.     Catalog # is LS-DVD-1, and the price is $25 plus shipping.     Contained in this collection are all the Lines South printed by White River Publications for us from 3rd quarter 1999 through 4th quarter 2012 in PDF form, plus a table of contents, and other information.    

NOTICE - If you have purchased or will be purchasing this collection on DVD, we offer the maps as a download from this site.     This would be the ATLANTA issue map --CLICK FOR ATLANTA -- and the RICHMOND issue map -- CLICK FOR RICHMOND --.



Exclusively from the ACL & SAL HS! Replacement sides for the Accurail 41’ gon that let you accurately model the Seaboard high-side gondola.     Our package includes sides, decals, and detailed instructions.     We offer the sides and decals alone for just $19, or together with the Accurail undecorated gondola kit for a total of just $32, plus shipping.     Order now; catalog codes M-60 and M-60-A respectively.

NOTE !!!      We are expanding our Company Store ordering options with products available for purchase on-line.      We've begun this process with our newest items and will continue to add product as time goes along.      Pay our online e-commerce page a visit at our --- E COMMERCE PAGE --- .


Effective immediately, the ACL & SAL HS has a new post office mailing address:

ACL & SAL Historical Society
P.O. Box 490563
Leesburg, FL 34749-0563

Please make a note of this new address and begin using it at once for all paper correspondence. This change was made to align with several recent changes in board member responsibilities, including the handling and shipping of product orders. The new address will help us keep improving our service on product sales orders and other paper mail sent to us. As always, we ask your patience as we handle your orders, memberships, and inquiries - we are all volunteers with family and work duties, but are committed to the best response time possible.     Thanks for supporting our product sales program and other services; we are always glad to answer questions or hear your suggestions.

Society Updates - Please Note   First, our Century Club membership rate is NOW $135 instead of the $100 we've charged in the past.    You still get a calendar with your Century Club membership.      Our address is Box 490563, Leesburg, FL, 34749-0563 .    Sending mail elsewhere causes unnecessary delays and confusion.    Thirdly, we are STILL recieving orders from Florida residents that do not include sales tax.    You must pay sales tax when ordering products from within Florida.    The rate is SEVEN (7%) of the value of the product without shipping regardless of where in Florida you live.    Thank you for your attention to this information.




The 25th Anniversary issue of Lines South - our 100th magazine -     This special issue highlights our 25th year, and includes some of our usual excellent feature material plus some special articles by long-time members and friends that look back over the history of our railroads, the society, and some favorite railroaders.    The covers feature a collage of all 100 issues we've put out, providing a dramatic picture of the fine articles and photos our contributors have brought you over the years.    Back issues are available and you'll be sure to want this collector's item in your collection.    Don't miss out - join us NOW!

          Our 100th Issue                              

Some of you have commented that email sent to our "typical" Society addresses is not going through.    Internet service providers have increased security due to an all-time high in spam that is, unfortunately, weeding out the "good" mail as well.    IF you cannot get through to our posted email addresses, you may mail me direct >     Simply remove the "XSPAM" from the email address when doing this.


Use the link on the left to access the Company Store and Catalog.    


Standard Jazz and Reminders - You can now pay your membership by using Pay Pal...    Check out this page for more information.     THIS IS IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ !!!     Some of your issues are coming back marked "Temporarily Away".     Bulk Rate mail will not be held by the USPS and they CHARGE us for each issue returned as such.     Please notify us if you intend to put your mail on hold, or, perhaps, you are military and have been deployed.     Note that ALL active duty military personnel are entitled to have their subscriptions to Lines South forwarded to any APO, FPO or other address they wish during their deployment / tour of duty.    Please notify us by way of this email link.     Thanks - and thanks from all of us for your service and commitment.    

New SAL Ventilated Boxcar Kit!
The ACL & SAL HS now stocks the WrightTrak Seaboard class V-9 ventilated boxcar.    This nicely done model of a popular prototype includes custom decals by Rail Graphics with both Seaboard Railway (1946 and older) and Seaboard Railroad (modern) heralds, multiple reweigh repack and air reservoir dates and includes chalk marks taken from photos of a prototype.    The kit has correct trucks, preformed grab irons, Grandt Line ladders, Tichy brake gear, and phosphor-bronze wire.    The price for this fine kit is just $49, our catalog #M-55.    Order today.

Extra Board

    FORUM NEWS...The LINK to the old Q&A is here.     You cannot post anything, but all the original topics and replies are still there.

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    NEW SHOW AND MEETING SCHEDULE is available.    We plan to have tables at the events as listed.    Come visit us and see our latest products for sale as we will frequently have unadvertised specials and items not yet in our catalog.    We can always use help with our tables. If you can assist, please let us know in advance and we welcome your participaton.    Check our web site for other show listings and updates. -more-.

    SHOP OUR CATALOG AND USE PAYPAL!     As you know, we have a page in the membership section of our web site where you can use PayPal to join or renew. We can now also accept PayPal for product orders.    Just follow these easy steps:

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    If you have any questions about this netable summary= Here is the form and the upcoming issue of LINES FOR MEMBERS -- 3nbspnbspnbsp YOU MUST ADD APPROPRIATE shipping charges to each order. w procedure, contact us at Thanks as always for your business and support.

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