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Our 2013 Calendar

Our new 2013 calendar is ready to ship and hang on your wall!!!    Order now and we'll get your copy, or copies, on the way at once.    Our price is STILL just $12.95 plus our reasonable shipping charge. The photo lineup this year is another great one:

       Our 2013 Calendar

    Front cover - ACL first-generation diesels, all in aluminum and purple, are at Tampa's Uceta shop in 1957.
    January - SAL SDP35 units are at Raleigh, N.C., with the Palmland in a dramatic night scene from 1966.
    February - In a rural vignette at Camak, Ga., a Western of Alabama GP40 leads an empty coal train in 1977.
    March - An orange SCL caboose trails white insulated boxcars on the Tropicana juice train, Fayetteville, N.C., 1975.
    April - SCL four-axle units lead a southbound freight onto SCL rails at the Montgomery, Ala., Union Station in 1976.
    May - A Georgia RR geep leads a long Western Railway of Alabama train through Opelika, Ala., in 1975.
    June - A piggyback train is at Weldon, N.C., in 1976 with SCL's famous "Whopper Hopper" in the background.
    July - Purple ACL FP7s stand at the St. Petersburg, Fla., station in 1953 with what is probably the Southland.
    August - An SCL U36B-MATE-U36B set pulls a freight through Lineville, Ala., in 1975 on the hilly ex-AB&C line.
    September - Three ex-SAL "Jolly Green Giant" GP40s add color to an SCL passenger local at Raleigh, N.C., in 1968.
    October - A short SCL Palmland leaves Hamlet, N.C., in February 1971, just before Amtrak would end the train.
    November - SCL's northbound Everglades stops at the Selma, N.C., station in 1969, with two E8s up front.
    December - Seaboard geeps pull a southbound freight through a snowy scene at Bracey, Va., in February 1966.
    Back cover - An SCL U18B and "switcher mate" shove cars at the busy Hamlet freight yard in the 1970s.

    To order, just go to our web site catalog pages to get and print a copy of our order form, and indicate "C-13" for the 2013 calendar.    Identify by year any of the past calendars you'd like to add. Shipping is $4 for one item or $7 for 2, then add $1 for each additional item up to a maximum of $10 (see the form for details).    Or - you can also pay via PayPal by going to our web site at and ordering merchandise using the instructions at the end of this newsletter.

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